Perhapsy Shares New The EP [Premiere]

The guitars that begin Perhapsy’s The are immediately affecting. Immediately mood changing. They offer up a sense of urgency but maintain a subtle positivity, so being pushed forward feels like a joy, not a burden. This is all due to the huge talent of Derek Barber, guitarist by trade and the man behind Perhapsy. Barber isn’t all flash and no substance, though. His songs rely on personal storytelling as much as they rely on clever licks and killer tones.

Each song on The follows in the same vein as “Baptism ’89,” but with enough variation to keep things interesting. “Forward/Back” continues with a subtle insistence, etching out a softly triumphant guitar loop before allowing the lead to burst into the song — the mantra, “Everybody knows that nobody knows” supplying an earnest backbone. The sound becomes fuzzed out and breakneck on “O, Su Yung” then upbeat once again on “Where is Your Home?”

All in all, the California by way of Ohio songwriter has crafted an EP that delivers two things: instrumentals and song structures that are interesting as hell and a tensely sincere journey into one’s past. Not a bad combination in my opinion. The comes out tomorrow through Wave Dweller and Copper Mouth Records. Be sure to check it out!

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