Plastic Picnic Release Wistful ‘Miss it Still’ [Video]

Plastic Picnic have given us a beautifully melancholy single that’s deceptively upbeat with “Miss it Still.” A true ear worm, the tune is one that will be stuck in your head hours after you’ve listened to it.

The single kicks off wistfully fast-paced and poppy. Backed by a persistent beat and atmospheric synth, the lyrics confirm a nostalgic tone, elongating and hanging onto vowels in phrases like “when you go” and “do you miss it still?”

The earnest, delicate lead vocals lose their strength as the song progresses, slowly trailing off. A cathexis of emotion that burns brightly before exhausting itself, Plastic Picnic’s latest single starts off with catchy 80s synth and, by the end, transitions into something more soft and contemporary with its melodic guitars. “Miss it Still” signals the last shreds of heartbreak, a feeling that lingers even as we move on. As it ends, we’re left with an infectiously sweet melody, and sense of longing that fades to silence. Check out the single above and lose yourself in their dreamy music video, with its warm palette of deep yellow and orange.

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