Ramonda Hammer Reaches New Grunge Peaks On ‘Destroyers’ [STREAM]

Ramonda Hammer, the rock quartet out of sunny LA, has been steadfastly shaping their updated grunge sound for a few years now, and on their forthcoming Destroyers EP it has found its purest expression in the title track, “Destroyers.” Devin Davis, lead singer and songwriter, channels her catharsis into the rollicking track, her powerful vocals supported by the band’s tight rhythm section as she sings of interpersonal destruction. “I want it now / I want it now,” Davis bellows over crawling and creeping instrumentation. The percussive breakdown at the end of the song resolves to its melodic motif in a perfect comedown, leaving the listener satiated but ready for more. And more will certainly come, in the form of the Destroyers EP, which debuts on August 5 from New Professor— pre-order here.


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