Real Estate Evoked Greener Pastures at Brooklyn Steel [Photos]

Photos by Joyce Lee

Two months ago, Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks) introduced Real Estate for the Showtime Twin Peaks showcase at SXSW. In some sort of coincidence, both the Ridgewood-raised band and the Lynchian classic returned to entertain their respective audiences on the same day.

On Sunday night, Martin Courtney, Julian Lynch, Alex Bleeker, Matt Kallman, and Jackson Pollis played the second of two sold-out, homecoming shows at Brooklyn Steel. Though Matt Mondanile left the band to focus on Ducktails before the recording of In Mind, the addition of Julian Lynch as the lead guitarist was fully embraced. Lynch, who has played with members of the band since meeting in high school, skillfully performed all the fuzzy licks Real Estate fans have loved since the beginning. Throughout the night, the band played through a fantastic set list with old favorites and new gems.

“Stained Glass” and “Darling” eased the audience into the new material; neither singles off the latest record were stark contrasts to the older fan favorites like “It’s Real” and “Talking Backwards.” Undoubtedly, the Brooklyn crowd absorbed the warmth every song offered.

Live, the band’s songs hit harder and faster, yet slower cadences and escapist elements still exist to evoke greener pastures and suburban dayglow. “Beach Comber” and “All The Same” displayed the aforementioned characteristics particularly well and were extremely well received in the second half of the set. Even in the most turbulent of times, Real Estate’s glistening guitars and relaxed demeanor unfailingly offer comfort and familiarity to their listeners.

Real Estate
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