Rips Brought Garage Rock to Baby’s All Right [Photos]

Photos by Berkley Kirsche

Rips performed at Baby’s All Right this past Saturday for their debut album release show. The young Brooklyn natives filled the crowded room with their melodic guitar sounds, driving bass and drums, and commanding vocals. Rips’ performance was very engaging, and the audience reacted with nothing but praise. The show was the start of their two week tour covering the northeast through the midwest and ending in New Orleans.

Although they’ve been buzzing around for a few years, Rips took their time with their debut self-titled record. Working alongside producer Austin Brown of Parquet Courts, the record reflects sounds drawn from 70s garage rock while adding shiny surf and uplifting punk tones of their own. They’re definitely one to keep an eye on as they continue to evolve and produce more quality music.

  • sohaib bhatti

    Garage rock is a raw and energetic style of rock and roll that flourished in the mid-1960s, most notably in the United States and Canada. The style is characterized by basic chord structures played on electric guitars and other instruments, sometimes distorted through a fuzzbox, as well as often unsophisticated and occasionally aggressive lyrics and delivery.

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