Rodes Rollins Makes A Stunning Debut With ‘Young And Thriving’ [Stream]

Following her first feature on dance track “Out Of Sight (So Right)” last year, up-and-coming artist Rodes Rollins has started on a path to musical stardom all on her own. Her debut single “Young & Thriving” plants her honeylike voice squarely in the starring role, amidst blurry, bluesy guitars and percussion courtesy of Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa. An entrancing mix of Broken Bells-like gauzy pop melodies and the psychedelic cacophony of The Beatles at their Magical Mystery Tour-est makes “Young & Thriving” sound like little else. Rollins’ lyrics evocatively describe all the heat and confusion of a torrid, youthful relationship: “Free and fighting / fast like lightning / we both came undone.” This track is an incredible first showing, so we are excited to see where Rollins’ young and thriving spirit takes her next.

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