Salt Cathedral, Corbu and Ryan Egan Were the Perfect Combo at Berlin [Photos]

Photos by Joseph Mikos

Salt Cathedral returned to The Wild Honey Pie’s stage after their amazing CMJ performance a few years back, joined by Ryan Egan and Corbu. Collectively, these three groups put on a fantastic indie-pop show at Berlin, a venue at 25 Avenue A (not to be confused with BerlinNYC at 101 Avenue A).

Ryan Egan belted his heart out to open the evening, accompanied by a full band with keys, percussion, bass and guitar. His tunes, reminiscent of an optimistic James Blake, did the trick, getting the crowd zeroed in on the vibes for the night. Closing with “Watercolor”, Ryan Egan set the bar high for the evening to come.

Corbu, a three piece with a formidable Instagram following and equally formidable tunes, gave us a taste of a jam band from the future. They came out in matching white t-shirts with a central glowing block (or three in the case of the drummer). They rocked the house on a glowing stage!

A significant crowd turned out for Salt Cathedral, and boy was it worth it! The duo of Juliana and Nico coalesces into that ideal indiepop groove, with searing yet icy vocals. When “No Ordinary Man” began, it was clear from the silence of the crowd that something special was about to take place.

Salt Cathedral
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