Shadowgraphs Release Video For ‘Space Medusa’ [Premiere]

The ’60’s influenced ne0-psychedelic band from Charlotte, North Carolina continues to hypnotize us with every release. Shadowgraphs, comprised of Bryan Olson and Charles Glade, released their debut LP Venomous Blossoms this past April and now share with us the spellbinding music video for “Space Medusa.”

The star of the band’s latest music video seems to be Medusa herself, being moved by cosmic forces to harness the sounds of the universe. We find her, alone, drawing on the walls of a cave with chalk. Medusa does not speak, and as she traverses the shore of an unmarked beach, she seems to to be somewhere and nowhere all at the same time. She draws what appears to be an outline of a clock with a circular symbol on the inside. Time becomes a central theme as Medusa discovers alien technologies washing up on shore. “Forward now to the future,” the song sings as Medusa begins to interact with a tape recorder. Moved by the sounds around her, she tries to capture it all with the microphone in her outstretched hand. The song’s rich psychedelia accompanies Medusa’s movements; the vibrant guitars and washes of synth fueling her expressions. Medusa seems to be in a state of complete euphoria here, laughing as the sounds of the universe flow through her.

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