Sir Sly Goes To Space In New Single ‘Astronaut’ [Video]

Los Angeles rock band Sir Sly has just released their sophomore album, Don’t You Worry, Honey, which they have called their most personal work yet. In this album, the band not only pulls directly from moments in their lives but re-creates these moments with each song.

“Astronaut” is an electrifying track which very overtly discusses taking an acid trip. The verses are marked by spacey, oscillating synths and contrast with the intoxicating and upbeat rock performance in the chorus. Sir Sly ropes us into a psychedelic trip filled with images of childhood memories, being watched in a department store, discovering God and my favorite, “swimming in lavender hymns” in the bathtub. These are not empty metaphors, but glimpses of the insecurities and the beauties that dwell in the subconscious mind. The song is an experience filled with dark moments as well as lighter ones, questions, anxieties, freedoms and, at the center, a really exciting revelation that we all get to be a part of.

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