Siv Jakobsen Exudes an Underlying Intensity on ‘Shallow Digger’ [Stream]

Siv Jakobsen’s folk inspired piece, “Shallow Digger,” draws us in with an instrumental introduction, building tensions for almost a minute and a half before we’re even introduced to Jakobsen. A feeling of restlessness is evident throughout the instrumentals, which is soon tapered by Jakobsen’s tonal presence. But not for long, as her lyrics add a quiet intensity that also contribute to our sense of urgency.

The accompanying music video catapults these feelings in the spotlight: Jakobsen’s unwavering gaze is at odds with the house warming she’s attending – it’s both uncomfortable and empowering. This continual back and forth comes to a climax towards the end, but doesn’t seem to be resolved, leaving us ruminating over any unaddressed tensions that play out in our own lives.  

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