Songs Future Generations Listens to Before a Show [Guest List]

New York indie-pop rockers, Future Generations have been blowing up playlists since their debut last summer. With their sweet hooks and perfect pop construction, it’s certainly easy to see why. We asked the NYC band to make us a playlist of tracks that get them hyped before a show, and they delivered a perfect mix of tracks that could also work as a playlist of some of the best new music released this year.

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1. White Reaper – Eagle Beach

After seeing White Reaper at SXSW, these sweet southern rudeboys quickly became FG’s favorite band. We immediately bought tickets to their Baby’s All Right show and proceeded to mosh harder than we have for any other band.

2. Lewis Del Mar – Loud(y)

Lewis Del Mar has a presence on stage that magnetically draws your attention, particularly to Danny and Max, and then keeps it until the band decides they are finished with it. Also, they take full advantage of subwoofers, so it’s awesome to see them playing bigger and bigger stages.

3. Muse – Knights of Cydonia

Muse is the greatest living rock n’ roll band. We don’t care, we don’t care. Don’t @ us.

4. Calliope Musicals – Echo of the Whoos

From a purely performance standpoint, Carrie and her band of merry, loudly-dressed gentlemen elevate their music with affably weird, southern charm. Carrie is zenmaster, offering encouraging epithets between songs. In the middle of songs, background singers dressed as tigers and smiley-faces prance about on stage. We played a backyard show with Calliope in some Austin Suburbs, and by the end of their set, the tiger was in the pool.

5. Frances Cone – Arizona

When you see an entire crowd of people closing their eyes and swaying to the music, it’s an incredible feeling. Frances Cone makes that happen on every single one of their songs. The harmonies, the drums, the guitar melodies, all doing their part to put you in a trance.

6. Sylvan Esso – The Glow

Some of the most mesmerizing and interesting sounds you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing from your speakers are Sylvan Esso’s gift to music. For instance, the subtle but beautifully affecting snare change on this song.

7. Jay Som – Baybee

Jay Som is a band that makes you smile: Their sound is so light and playful, yet so intricate and dense. Not to mention every one of their band members exudes personality on stage. If you watch their guitar player and don’t have a smile on your face, you have a stone soul.

8. The Weeknd – Secrets

Consider this one a surprise that isn’t really a surprise. We saw him headline Firefly, and we all knew in the back of our heads that he was going to put on an unforgettable show. He used a live band, which, obviously, enhanced the entire performance.

9. Active Bird Community – QB Sneak

We’ve been playing shows with Tom, Zach, Andrew and Quinn since our college days. From both a songwriting and performance standpoint, ABC continues to stand out in the NYC punk scene. QB Sneak is a lyrical favorite, a playful elegy to collegiate malaise.

10. Phantogram – Answer

We bonded over Phantogram in the early days, appreciating and pulling ideas from the way Sarah and Josh balance electronic production with live guitar, bass and drums. The new Phantogram album, III, bangs, and their live show is a clinic in combining instrumental execution with pop performance art.

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