Songs That Inspire Everything Everything [Guest List]

Award-winning Manchester band Everything Everything is currently on a mini-tour to follow up the release of their album A Fever Dream. We asked them which songs meant the most to them, and here is what they gave us.

“This playlist represents songs we’ve gravitated towards recently during the making and release of our new album, A Fever Dream. Songs we listened to at the end of a day of recording to refresh our ears and brains; songs we heard while driving around the country promoting the album in record stores, and songs we play in dressing rooms through our little speaker to get us excited to play shows.”


Deerhoof – I Will Spite Survive

One of our favourite bands. This song kind of sounds like Paramore but badly recorded (in a good way) with some Bach counterpoint organ on top getting it wrong (in a good way). 

Joe Jackson  – Steppin’ Out 

Recently rediscovered this song. My mum used to have it on a compilation cassette in the car when I was a child. Obviously I thought it was awful at the time. 

Mica Levi – Children 

It’s been amazing and quite surreal to see Mica go from making strange little pop songs with The Shapes to being on red carpets in Hollywood for her mesmerising film scores. This piece is from the Jackie soundrack and we listened to it through the very large and expensive speakers of the studio when we were recording our album, A Fever Dream.

Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe

This song is about Sigrid co-writing with some male songwriters and feeling talked down to and disrespected by them. It feels timely and honest and, above all else, is a brilliant song. 

Weezer – No Other One

We’ve been listening to this song in our dressing room recently. I went back and listened to Pinkerton a few months ago, having missed it the first time round, and was surprised how good it was as an album. No Other One is probably my favourite  track on it from a band that seem to always change yet never change.

Solange – Cranes In The Sky

Solange was the best artist I saw at Glastonbury. Her highly-choreographed show felt old-school like James Brown while also feeling like the most future-thinking and focussed production of the Glastonbury weekend. This song is particularly special.

The Yardbirds – For Your Love

I don’t really know The Yardbirds but enjoyed hearing For Your Love on the radio recently. It’s got a surprisingly otherworldly sound and feel to it, a bit like the Odyssey and Oracle album by The Zombies, which we love. 

Public Image Ltd. – Rise

Such a strange tone to this song. It’s angry and downtrodden yet euphoric and uplifting. PIL itself are a strange beast and under-appreaciated. 

Mr Jukes – When Your Light Goes Out 

This is Jack from Bombay Bicycle Club’s new band and features our friend Lianne La Havas on vocals. It has a kind of lilting effortlessness and subtle hooks that made it immediately stand out to me. 

Lorde – Green Light

Just a banging pop song by a special artist. 

Grizzly Bear – Wasted Acres

This album came out on the same day that ours did in the UK, which annoyed me a bit at the time. It’s music for a band written like it’s for an orchestra and  beautifully executed. 

The Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23

Heard this in a record shop in Nottingham while touring round the UK doing in-store shows on release week of our album and remembered how good it is. Such a weird and wonderful way to start the song too… 

Thundercat – Bus In These Streets

This song reminds me of watching American TV Shows when I was a kid. Sounds like something from Sesame Street but with lyrics about very 2017 concerns such as social media and over-sharing.

Blur – On My Way To The Club

One of the highlights from the only Blur album that was almost entirely bereft of guitarist Graham Coxon, this could have been at the darker end of Gorrillaz output. Damon’s best work all contains the sense of melancholy on show here, and the lyrics seem to be about the loss of his friend, and the phrasing owes much to David Bowie.

Michael Jackson – Leave Me Alone

Through a series of events that I still don’t quite understand, I saw this video on a cinema screen last week. Despite the fairly serious message of the lyrics the video is witty, irreverent and deftly crafted. 

Be sure to check out Everything Everything on the final few dates of their tour:

10/13 – Irving Plaza – New York, NY – TICKETS
10/14 – Black Cat – Washington, D.C – TICKETS
10/15 – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA – TICKETS

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