Songs White Reaper Listened to at Hangout Festival and a Review of Alien: Covenant

It should have been expected when we asked White Reaper for a playlist that it would be at least a little bit of a joke. The band, who are making some of the best and most interesting power pop around these days, are nothing if not a little cheeky. Their newest album, The World’s Best American Band, pulses with chugging vintage rock that handily backs up the ribbing title. The band gave us a playlist of the tracks that they listened to on the way to Hangout Festival and threw in a review of the new Alien for good measure. Spoilers: they were not that into it. Check out the playlist and the bonus movie review below and be sure to grab their album.


1.Father Of Mine – Everclear

2. Cold – Crossfade

3. Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson

4. Any Song by Third Eye Blind

5. The Pink Panther theme song

6. Short People – Randy Newman

7. Saturday in the Park – Chicago

8. Heart to Heart – Kenny Loggins

9. Fighting – No Vacancy

10. One Thing – Finger Eleven

Alien: Covenant

We saw Alien Covenant today and we were sorely disappointed. All these alien movies offer this beautiful glimpse of the depth of these other alien worlds and their cultures, and these flashes of brilliance are ripped away from you in an instant in favor of another brutal murder. Hollywood just doesn’t care anymore. They know that they can use certain words or phrases like “Star Wars” or “Transformers” and people will buy a ticket regardless of the content. Thanks. 

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