Sunflower Bean Bring it Back With Their Video for ‘Come On’ [Stream]

Music videos lately seem to all have been created with the purpose of outdoing each other–complicated narratives that have little to do with the music itself are considered the peak of what can be done. And some of these art-centric music videos have the capacity to be incredibly powerful, moving, and beautiful. But music videos of an older style, where the band plays and sings into microphones standing in front of them in the middle of a blank room (the music videos most people grew up with,) have been severely lacking lately. This is why Sunflower Bean‘s video for “Come On” feels so refreshing.

Although they may play with lights, and occasionally have odd scenes depicting something related to the song, by-and-large the music video is just focused on the band playing the music. This doesn’t make it particularly boring, as the energy with which they play (and incredibly well-timed jump cuts) keep you watching the entire video. The song itself is assertive pop-rock, the kind of thing you actually do want to see fully performed, and the band delivers. Sometimes, simplicity is best.

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