The Bones of J.R. Jones’ Newest Track ‘Hammers and Nails’ is a Toe-Tapper [Stream]

Upon hitting play on “Hammers and Nails,” your head will immediately move to the beat. Clap if you must — tap your foot too. If you’re in the car, play the beats on your steering wheel. Once you roll into the chorus, the vocals will undoubtedly take the rest of your body into full-on movement (regardless of whether you consider yourself a “dancer”). The Bones of J.R. Jones, the moniker of Jonathan Linaberry, brings to us a special mix of folk beats, masterful storytelling and soulful blues-leaning vocals. Comparable to rising folk artists like Leon Bridges, Linaberry has no qualms about giving this gig everything he’s got — literally, considering he plays as a one-man band. His newest album, Spirit’s Furnace, is out now.

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