Artwork by DEREK EADS


For the first time just two weeks ago, we were kicked out of a shooting location.  Actually, I’m sure it’s happened before but I can’t recall.  We were setting up in Washington Square Park for our shoot with Brooklyn’s The Forms when park rangers came up to myself and Lauren to ask about our PA system.  I guess they have no problem with live performances, but the second you try to amplify your sound, they are keen to bust you.

To avoid any further problems, we took our speaker and walked with the band 20 feet away, across the street.  I actually preferred this location as the row of building behind them was really beautiful.  The band played two fantastic stripped down version of their songs after which we were screamed at by ladies in the buildings.  If you listen carefully after “Same Path Mantra”, you can hear the woman scream from her window telling us to play somewhere else.  We were kind and had the band play one more song before heading our separate ways.  Thanks again to The Forms for spending the afternoon with us!  Snag the free MP3s below.

‘Buzzsessions’ is an original series of live music videos produced by The Wild Honey Pie. With each new episode, we capture footage of our favorite bands as they record alternate studio-quality versions of their songs.

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