The Wild Honey Pie Presents Obliques and Poppies

Artwork by Igor Mina

Well, it’s semi-official. Warmer weather has arrived! And with this injection of heat comes the desire to be spontaneous and seize the day. See more concerts! Drink more adult beverages! Dance! (still awkwardly and like you know people are watching…but more often). To help you achieve these goals, we’ve put together something special — a show with two of our favorite upcoming acts, Obliques and Poppies, at Parkside Lounge. Details are below, get your tickets here and we’ll see you tomorrow!


Event: The Wild Honey Pie Presents Obliques with Poppies
Night: April 26, 2017
Hour: 7:30pm
Place: Parkside Lounge (317 East Houston Street)
Price: $10 / 21+


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