It isn’t every day that I get to work with a musician that I listened to before I started The Wild Honey Pie, so you can imagine my excitement when I got in touch with Nate Martinez of Thieving Irons.  With video equipment in hand, I headed to Manhattan’s Stuy Town to meet Nate and fellow singer-songwriter Josh Kaufman.  We quickly agreed upon a dimly lit staircase as our shooting location, which in hindsight, couldn’t have worked out any better.

The band’s debut LP, This Midnight Hum, is filled with beautiful arrangements, Conor Oberst-like vocals, and deadly honest, heartbreaking songwriting, and has quickly become my lullaby anthem of the fall.  You can purchase it here.

Special thanks to Melanie Steinway for the amazing art above.  For more of her work, click here.

‘Buzzsessions’ is a live session series made by The Wild Honey Pie.  With each new episode, we travel with a different band to a different part of New York City and record sometimes-intimate/sometimes-wild versions of two or three songs which are given away for free.

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  • K.U.

    How kind of you Eric. Thank you. I am keithullrich at gmail dot com.

  • Eric Weiner

    What’s your email? I’ll send them to you!

  • K.U.

    Eric, how peculiar. I’ve accessed from 3 different PCs, different locations/networks/browsers, and the last two MP3s are not there even ‘tho Soundcloud indicates each are exactly 3:55 and 5.6MB (and that’s strange too). There are no onscreen waveforms for the two songs either. Wish I could send you a screenshot of what I’m seeing here. Thank you for your response and patience. -KU

  • Eric Weiner

    Odd! It’s working for me?

  • K. U.

    Can you please make the entire 3-song session MP3s available again? At the moment only Babylon is playable/downloadable. Gentle and Wave’s are such great songs in these acoustic versions, and it’d be wonderful to have them again. Thank you. -KU

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