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A few weeks ago, after being approached by Tokyo Police Club’s management team in regards to filming a Buzzsession, my friend Austin Conroy and I were at odds as to how we could best capture the band’s true spirit.  After rejecting every idea to have them do a stripped down session, Austin suggested that we not limit the band by forcing them to do anything unplugged.  From there, we figured out that the best way to keep the public element of the session alive, while expanding on what it is to be a Buzzsession, would be to have the band perform from the back of a fully equipped truck.

The rest was simple.  We rented a cube truck, met the band at Terminal 5, loaded their gear, and drove to the MacDougal Street.  Along the way, we tweeted that our original idea of having the band perform at three location didn’t make sense anymore, and that they’d be doing three songs in the middle of the famous Greenwich Village street.  For those that don’t know, this is the same street where Cafe Wha?, the club where Bob Dylan played his first New York City show, is located.  With their equipment situated in the back of the truck, we had the band sneak inside, swing open the gate, and play “Favourite Colour”, “Nature of the Experiment”, and “Your English Is Good”.  Watch a compilation of the performance and stream all three MP3s below.

Special thanks to Derek Eads for another amazing illustration.  For more of his work, click




SOUND Dan Molad


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    love these guys… :D I think the download link is gone though? :'(

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    ty :D

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  • wow, awesome blog. Fantastic.

  • Awesome! It was definitely worth braving the cold to go out and see them play! :)

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    SO GREAT. <3

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    Tokyo Police Club braving the cold like true Canadians. Amazin’.

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