Artwork by SHEVA KAFAI


When San Francisco-based Vetiver came to Brooklyn at the beginning of the summer, we brought them to the dock at Transmitter Park in Greenpoint for an acoustic pop up. The sights and sounds of “Maureen” and “Save Me A Place” show the earthy acoustic band on the outside looking in, with the skyline of New York City serving as the perfect backdrop for their gorgeous harmonies and melodies.

‘Buzzsessions’ is an original series of live music videos produced by The Wild Honey Pie. With each new episode, we capture footage of our favorite bands as they record alternate studio-quality versions of their songs.

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Executive Producers Eric Weiner, Jon Lurie
Directed and Produced by Stephen Robinson
Director of Photography Jesse Rosenberg
Filmed by Jesse Rosenberg
Filmed by Stephen Robinson
Filmed by Maxwell Enrique Bahamon
Edited by Justin Sloan
Color Grading by Erik Rojas
Recorded and mixed by Nick Wisse


  • Nick Noemi

    “Save Me a Place” is great!

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