Artwork by IGOR MINA


Roc Nation’s Wardell, led by Sasha and Theo Spielberg (yes, that Spielberg), joined us this summer in Brooklyn for a session at Tony Maimone’s gorgeous Studio G. The siblings treated us to beautiful renditions of Opossum and Waters with support from the full band. Creativity clearly runs wild in the family, so catch these videos if you can, we know the session will really hook you in. Check out both tracks and snag the free download if you’d like.

‘Buzzsessions’ is an original series of live music videos produced by The Wild Honey Pie. With each new episode, we capture footage of our favorite bands as they record alternate studio-quality versions of their songs.

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Executive Producers Jon Lurie, Eric Weiner
Directed by Joe Lumbroso
Produced by Stephen Robinson
Director of Photography Geoffrey Taylor
Filmed by George Brooks, Joel Kingsbury, Lindsay Katt, Brendan Swift, Julian Master
Edited by Joe Lumbroso, Jesse Chandler
Recorded and Mixed by Tony Maimone


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