Welcome Campers is Back!

Artwork by Brandt Imhoff

Welcome Campers is, to put it simply, our favorite weekend of the year – and now it’s less than one month away! We’re talking obsessively crossing out days on a calendar favorite. Buying new “cool” activewear favorite. Annoying our friends because it’s all we talk about favorite. For a few days, we journey out of the city, out of our (semi)-adult stresses, and get back to what’s really important in life — lake hangs, arts and crafts, buffet style camp cuisine, displays of mild athleticism and, of course, badass bands who are there to have fun as well.

This year, we’re headed back to Camp Lennox in Massachusetts, and it’s gonna be better than ever. So, pack your tube socks, head bands and swimsuits, and we’ll see you September 8-10! Tickets are here (they include lodging, food and good times), and more info is below!

Kayaking • Kickball • Basketball • Ping Pong • Tennis • Nature Hike • Swimming • Volleyball • Arts & Crafts • DJ sets • Live music • Stargazing • Dance party • Campfires • Ice cream social • Morning cartoons • S’mores

Passes to Welcome Campers include lodging in bunks for two nights plus complimentary meals served Friday through Sunday. Additional snacks will be served throughout the weekend but feel free to bring some of your own supplies. Food trucks will be available for an additional charge in the late evenings.

Welcome Campers is open to anyone ages 18 and above.

All passes include free lodging, food and access to tons of summer camp activities. If requested, you will be placed in a bunk with your friends even if you and your friends purchase tickets separately. You will also have the opportunity to specify if you’d prefer a gender specific bunk.


Future Generations
Siv Jakobsen
Rose Hotel
Black Coast
Workman Song
Wilder Maker

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