Whip Out Your Party Pants for Overcoats’ ‘Leave the Light On’ [Stream]

March 23, 2017 Comments Off on Whip Out Your Party Pants for Overcoats’ ‘Leave the Light On’ [Stream]

If you haven’t listened to Overcoats (or read past praise on these seriously talented ladies), now is the time to do so! The duo comprised of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell have been out and about working on their debut album Young (out April 21), booking festivals for the upcoming season, and touring with Tennis and soon Maggie Rogers! Though they are extremely busy, they’ve made time to release a few singles from Young and the songs do not disappoint, especially their latest track, “Leave The Light On,” which is a total banger.

The song has all the goods to make you get up and dance while still imbuing the duo’s mesmerizing harmonies and storytelling. “Leave the Light On,” like so many of their other songs, pulls from multiple genres, but this time they’re dipping their toes into pop. As Hana communicated in an interview with The 405, “We’re very much about the people, affecting and helping people, through our music. When we realised that was when we also realised that there wasn’t a problem in calling this pop. Because all pop means is that it’s connecting with people, and that is what we’re doing.” So before you head out tonight, do as Overcoats do and “pop that shit on ur party playlist” – it’s a good one.

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