Yumi Zouma’s New Single Will Warm Your Soul [Stream]

As everyone’s favorite gamboling frontman Samuel T. Herring once crooned, “seasons change.” Indeed, look around this week in late September, and notice the leaves’ annual color change, an omen of many chilly nights on the horizon. The transition from summer to fall, when sweaters replace t-shirts and night falls noticeably earlier, is perhaps the most pleasantly foreboding time of year. Winter hovers near, so we grab what is familiar and comforting to keep us warm.

It’s a well-documented fact that Yumi Zouma is a band of and about comfort. “Half Hour,” is the latest single from the New Zealanders’ upcoming album, Willowbank. Yumi Zouma’s catalogue is a closet full of soundwave-knitted cardigans, and “Half Hour” is the gem of the 2017 Fall line. Nuzzled in the track, lead vocalist Christie Simpson’s voice, gentle and raspy but full of strength, casually juxtaposes catchy hooks with lyrics about death, loss and isolation.

In the video released for “Half Hour,” Christie, in fierce thick-rimmed shades, and her bandmates Sam, Charlie and Josh (who sing along in the chorus), loiter around in black and white portraits. They look quite normal, devoid of much pretension. And this is what makes the group so remarkable: their ability to channel innate personal and human discomfort into music that wraps and soothes.

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